Triggers and Creating Users | Review Notes | Year 2-1 | DBAS

Key Terms List Triggers Event types (DML, DDL, database start/close, user logon/off) Trigger types (Database, Application) Trigger Status (Enabled, Disabled) User Authentication Database User Object – Acts as an interface between a person/application and the database Default/Temporary Tablespace User Profile (Password Profile): named set of resource limits on database usage. Also manages account stats &Continue reading “Triggers and Creating Users | Review Notes | Year 2-1 | DBAS”

Functions and Packages | Review Notes | Year 2-1 | DBAS

Key Terms List Functions Stored Functions Function Side Effects Packages Components of a Package Package Specification Package Body Bodiless Packages Data Dictionary views: USER_SOURCE, ALL_SOURCE Functions Can accept parameters, be invoked, and return a value Usually used to compute values Must return a value Compared to procedures, which are not required to return a value.Continue reading “Functions and Packages | Review Notes | Year 2-1 | DBAS”

Procedures | Review Notes | Year 2-1 | DBAS

Keywords:– Procedures: A PL/SQL subprogram that can take in parameters– Procedure Header: Contains the procedure’s name and parameters– Procedure Body: Contains the procedure’s PL/SQL Block– Parameters: Used to pass or communicate data between the subprogram and its caller– Formal Parameter: variables declared in a subprogram’s header– Actual Parameter: the values passed into a subprogram fromContinue reading “Procedures | Review Notes | Year 2-1 | DBAS”

Anonymous Blocks and Variables | Review Notes | Year 2-1 | DBAS

Keywords:– PL/SQL: “Procedural Language extension to SQL”: Standard data access for RDBAS developed by Oracle.– Declaration/Executable/Exception Sections: Base sections for PL/SQL blocks– Block: Anonymous, Function, Procedure, etc. Blocks.– Subprogram: A named PL/SQL block that can be called with parameters (Procedures, Functions)– Procedure: Subprogram that does not return a value– Function: Subprogram that must return aContinue reading “Anonymous Blocks and Variables | Review Notes | Year 2-1 | DBAS”

Rambling | Midterrrrrms

Yay, I’m having midterms this week and in two weeks~ I’m going to start doing review with notes on this site. The posts are going to get a lot more diverse now…

Inktober | Inktober 2020 | Dizzy | Mood

I’m not going to lie, the way I coloured in the hair is really off (not to mention everything else, but…). Midterms, assignment deadlines… I’m really feeling today’s prompt. I’m actually not that swamped, but it’s been feeling strangely hectic and busy for some reason… Just feeling stressed by deadlines I guess. I just wantContinue reading “Inktober | Inktober 2020 | Dizzy | Mood”

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